Blue-Sight helps you engage your ecosystems to co-create your innovation projects.

Our main services

Advising for innovation strategies

  • Analyzing of new innovation models
  • Supporting public stakeholders in designing
  • Engaging local ecosystems as levers for innovation

Design and management of collaborative projects

  • Designing and managing large French and European projects
  • Maximizing external funding and financing schemes
  • Ensuring the development of the project according to allocated resources, goals and time
  • Supporting exploitation strategies

Design and development of sustainable business models

  • Conceiving  sustainable business models
  • Analyzing  best-suited business models
  • Anticipating risks and activating key levers for the success of projects

Organisation of high-end seminars

  • Moderating creativity seminars
  • Repositionning the value proposition of organisations
  • Defining  a strategy or place of innovations

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